Too Good To Be True

Owl Ampersand is an independent singer songwriter based out of Hollywood, CA. She picked up the guitar at age 14 and started an all female band based around the Riot Girl Movement back in the 90’s and early 2000s. Since then she has played in a couple of female friendly bands but decided to try writing songs on her own after moving out to Los Angeles. After about a year and a half she put together an album titled Too Good To Be True which features 21 catchy tunes as well as some soothing ballads. Some of her influences include Andrew Bird, Arlo Parks, Awkwafina, Bikini Kill, Courtney Barnett, Girl in Red, Good Charlotte, Paramore, Queen Latifah, Sleater-Kinney, The Smashing Pumpkins, Soccer Mommy, Sonic Youth, System of a Down, Taylor Swift, Tegan and Sara, Tracy Chapman and Yvette Young.

Her inspiration for starting Owl Ampersand came to her during the pandemic, when temporary homelessness seriously forced her to imagine a better life for herself. “Music was always apart of my up bringing, a way for me to escape a pretty rough, yet privileged childhood. I must admit that it felt like a miracle when my vision slowly began to turn from fantasy to reality. For years, I thought disappointments and set backs would plague me forever.”