Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True takes you on a journey through healing and the human experience. From procrastination to thievery, the album puts a sarcastic spin on some of the more mundane and sinister sides of being human. 

Album Songs Playlist

  1. Thick As Thieves
  2. I Hate The Fog
  3. Akrasian Ways
  4. Radiant Eyes
  5. Cut Through The Illusion
  6. Now Or Never
  7. Liqueur Amor 
  8. Life In Infrared
  9. Surrender Another Day
  10. It Hurts
  11. In The Dark
  12. Too Good To Be True
  13. Jump Ship
  14. Fatal Attraction
  15. Duped And Deceived
  16. Horns Honk In The Distance
  17. Elusive Love
  18. Clenched Fists, Tight Lipped
  19. Sworn To Secrecy
  20. Bury Me
  21. Satan Not Today